Exploring Entity Framework Part 3: The Database First Approach

NOTE: This post is part of a series on Entity Framework 6.  To help cut back on overlapping content, this post will not cover any concepts that were previously discussed earlier in the series.  If you have not read my previous two posts, you can access them from the links below: Exploring Entity Framework Part […]

Exploring Entity Framework Part 1: A Brief Overview

Introduction A few months ago, I started my new position as a .NET developer.  One of the tasks assigned to me was to rewrite a legacy webforms application from VB.NET to C#.  Seeing as Microsoft is starting to silently shy away from supporting webform apps (it is no longer a development option in .NET Core), […]

How to Get a Software Development Internship When You Cannot Afford to Leave Your Job

For many Information Technology degree-related programs, having an internship is a requirement to graduate. Internships show employers that you have a taste of an enterprise environment, meaning that they can trust you can integrate with their team and learn their standards and practices. Unfortunately, some of us already work full-time so we can support ourselves and our […]

It’s Scrumbelievable: Learning to be a SCRUM Master by Doing

  When I was in high school, I remember seeing a poster saying, “Math is not a spectator sport”. The obvious meaning behind it is that you do not learn mathematics simply by listening to theory, but instead by applying the concepts you have learned to solve problems. Simply put, you learn by doing. The same principle can […]