Shared Front/Back End Models and Validation with Blazor WebAssembly

Introduction: As a Full Stack Developer (Angular 2+/C#), I can confidently say wiring up my front and back ends can be a challenge.  When doing so, I must ensure that my TypeScript models have the same properties and equivalent data types as their C# counterparts.  And while there are tools, such as Typewriter, that could […]

Transitioning to Virtual Learning: What We’ve Tried, What We’ve Learned, and How We Aim to Make It Better. Part 1: Setting Up and Hosting Our First Camp

When I reflect on this past year, a quote I saw on Reddit comes to mind: “2020 Is like Looking Both Ways Before Crossing the Street and then Getting Hit by an Airplane”       The pandemic has forced most of us to rapidly adjust to unexpected changes.  For Bravo LT, this meant suspending the Raspberry […]

Angular Walkthrough Part 2: Setting Up Our Development Environment

Welcome back everyone!  Thank you for joining me again as we continue to learn how to develop SPAs with Angular.  In today’s blog post, we will be discussing how to setup an Angular development environment on our computers.  If this is your first time joining me for this series, I highly encourage you to read […]

How to Improve End User Relationships By Learning From Others’ Mistakes

Introduction Welcome back everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday (I know I did).  As some of you may know, Blizzconn (a convention for Blizzard’s video games) took place a few weeks ago, and  I was hoping to hear news about a Diablo 2 Remaster. For those of you who have no idea […]

Powershell: A Scripting Language for .NET Junkies and Administrators

Introduction Have you ever tried using the wrong tool for the wrong job? Using a butterknife in place of a flat-head screwdriver?  Hitting Caps Lock every time you want to capitalize just one letter? Using VIM to write a program when you could be doing it in Nano…just kidding.  Well, let me tell you of […]